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The Maeva 45 is an aluminum centreboard sailing sloop for ocean cruising. It is a proven design with thirty years of worldwide sailing adventures to its credit.

As comfortable in the tropics, the Amazon or the Northwest Passage, it is a versatile centreboard yacht with shallow draft capability that opens up more cruising options and offers greater safety.

A well balanced yacht with a strong and beautiful line, it is the product of the imagination and creativity of famed Naval Architect, Philippe Harlé.
Strength and Safety
To cruise in far off waters a yacht needs to be reliable and solid. The Maeva 45 is purposely overbuilt throughout with components and structure designed to functional reliably over long periods, in difficult conditions where maintenance is not always ideal. Systems are designed with simplicity in mind so that you have the confidence to explore out of the way places.

The strength and impact resistance of an aluminum hull coupled with a sea kindly form provides a comfortable platform for long period at sea and great deal of peace of mind.

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Dedicated to your sailing adventure

The crew at BM Aluminum Yachts is dedicated to delivering your custom exploration yacht. Whether it be custom interior design elements, specialized equipment or reinforced structure, we will build to your specifications.

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Take advantage of our experienced craftsmen, favourable exchange rate and free trade. We can deliver to Europe, the Caribbean or anywhere else.